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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MRI Software resident screening?

MRI Software resident screening offers a configurable approach to help multifamily property owners and operators ensure accuracy, avoid false positives and gain quality residents for the community. Learn more about MRI’s Resident Screening offerings here.

Where can I find mrimri resident screening?

MRI Resident Screening is available as an integrated offering within MRI Residential Management, Prospect Connect, and MRI Public and Affordable Housingsolutions, as well as third-party property management solutions.

What is resident check?

Learn more about Resident Check Resident Check solution offers flexible and comprehensive resident screening for the residential real estate market. Resident Check enables property owners and operators to maximize financial performance and manage risk tolerance with a customizable, property-level screening approach.

Why MRI living for residential property management software?

That’s why our residential property management software, MRI Living offers a comprehensive and flexible set of tools designed to help your residential real estate organization take a resident-centric approach to doing business.

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