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Frequently Asked Questions

What is multiplicity?

Multiplicity is a definition of cardinality - i.e. number of elements - of some collection of elements by providing an inclusive interval of non-negative integers to specify the allowable number of instances of described element. Multiplicity interval has some lower bound and (possibly infinite) upper bound :

What is UML multiplicity and collections?

UML Multiplicity and Collections - defining and using multiplicity and collections in UML - lower and upper bounds, cardinality, order, unique. Multiplicity in UML allows to specify cardinality - i.e. number of elements - of some collection of elements.

What are some examples of multiplicity in Python?

Some typical examples of multiplicity: 0..* 1..* If the multiplicity is associated with an element whose notation is a text string (such as a class attribute ), the multiplicity range is placed within square brackets as part of that text string.

What is multiplicity element in Java?

Multiplicity element defines some collection of elements, and includes both multiplicity as well as specification of order and uniqueness of the collection elements.

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