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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine multiplicity?

A zero has a multiplicity, which refers to the number of times that its associated factor appears in the polynomial. For instance, the quadratic (x + 3)(x 2) has the zeroes x = 3 and x = 2, each occuring once.

How to use multiplicity?

Run the installer on the primary PC. Once Multiplicity is installed the Control Panel will open. The primary PC has the keyboard, mouse and monitor that will control secondary PCs. To select a PC to be the Primary PC slide the selection control in the upper right corner of the control panel from Secondary to Primary. Trial or License activation is required to configure the primary PC and use Multiplicity. Only the primary PC needs to be activated. For the free trial, select "Start Trial." For a purchased product, select "Enter Product Key"; you can use the product key on your receipt or your Stardock account email address and password to activate apurchased product.

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