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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nasuni?

A SaaS platform that combines file and object storage to deliver... Ransomware will strike. The question is, how quickly will you recover? Every minute counts. Nasuni lets you restore millions of files from the most recent point before the attack.

What is napnasuni?

Nasuni is a privately held cloud storage company with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

Which cloud storage platforms does Nasuni integrate with?

Nasuni integrates with public cloud storage platforms, such as Google Cloud Storage, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, and private cloud storage platforms such as IBM Cloud Object Storage and EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS).

What hardware appliances does Nasuni offer?

Hardware appliance choices offered by Nasuni include systems with solid-state drives. Nasuni holds a number of patents for technologies that support the Nasuni enterprise file services platform, including: Method and system for interfacing to cloud storage. Versioned file system with sharing. Versioned file system with fast restore.

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