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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is NBC on regular TV?

In our region, NBC is on KING-5 (real channel 48) from their tower on top of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. Some of their programing is rebroadcast (time-shifted) on KONG-16 (real channel 31).

Can I watch NBC live?

NBC live streaming can be watched on a PC by going to the Live portion of the website. NBC live stream can only be watched on computers that are located in specific NBC affiliate locations and requires a TV service provider user name and password as login credentials.

Is NBC on Amazon Fire TV?

Now, Variety is reporting that NBC’s next platform target will be the Amazon Fire TV and the Chromecast. The app will feature over 1,000 episodes of over 40 shows with the majority of them being available without the need to first authenticate the app through a traditional cable subscription provider.

Is NBC available on Hulu?

Hulu Live is a new service that gives you the NBC live stream, along with 50+ other great channels to watch live. Hulu is available nationwide, and NBC is available in most areas.

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