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Frequently Asked Questions

What's it like to work at NBCUniversal?

"NBCUniversal is a place where I can feel I can always share my thoughts and ideas, where I feel safe and where I can express myself." "At NBCU, I genuinely feel that our management teams are invested in our career growth, and I knew finding the right team with a promising career path would allow me to contribute to the company in the long term.

What can you do with an NBCU degree?

Work for your favorite news program, sports network, late night talk show, telenovela, movie franchise and more. Check out the open positions in your specialty below. "The support and mentorship I have received at NBCU have played an instrumental role in my career journey thus far.

What is the NBC page program?

It's a crash course in NBCUniversal and you're given the tools to learn how to interview and create a resume. The people I met through the Page Program have continued to be a great resource as I've moved throughout the company."

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