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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a no-intro ROM?

"No-Intro" lists only the best available ROM; it must be a full dump with no faults and no changes to the file, basically just the ROMS that are the closest as possible to the original licensed cartridges.

How does no-intro build and maintain DAT files for ROM managers?

No-Intro builds and maintain DAT files for ROM managers. DAT file for a given system, when run through a supported ROM manager, allows you to audit/check your own ROM collection status (completion, ROM naming). This is performed by hash comparison (CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1) of your ROMs against hashes listed on DAT file.

What happened to No-Intro romsets?

No-Intro Romsets on now locked. Hopefully we'll hear from ChadMaster soon on what's up. Edit:. Whatever caused the lockdown at the time I originally posted this seems to be gone, so please disregard this.

Which NES/Famicom systems require headered ROMs?

Besides NES/Famicom, other systems that also require headered ROMs are Atari 7800, Atari Lynx as well as Famicom Disk System ROMs. That's all. Thanks so much for the clarification.

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