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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the New Balance 990s worth it?

In a nutshell, if you have foot issues that require more support, or are an active person of larger than average size, I highly recommend New Balance 990s. I will never buy another shoe as long as these are made and the quality control stays high.

Is the New Balance 990 V5 the love child of NB 991?

The 990 model coming to the market will be the first collaboration for the 990v5, featuring a deep and dark navy color way and a revised upper and midsole design. Meet the 991.9, the love child of two iconic NB models—the New Balance 991 and New Balance 990v3.

Does the New Balance M990 classic look good in the gym?

Thank the team at New Balance for continually creating new color ways for their oldest designs and never retiring the OG silhouettes. The M990 Classic looks just as good in the gym as it does on the streets with this flashy punch of color.

What makes the NB1 990v3 so special?

The reissued 990 gives us the most traditional take on the 990 design launched ten thousand sneakers ago—with a classic, unpretentious suede and a mesh upper that’s the perfect combo of comfortable and snappy. Want a look all your own? The 990v3 is yours to re-imagine on the NB1 customization platform.

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