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Frequently Asked Questions

Is New Orleans airport open after Hurricane Ida?

All flights have been canceled Tuesday at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, officials said. The airport is running on emergency generator power, but said its facilities were not severely damaged by the storm.

Is there power at New Orleans Airport?

Most of metro New Orleans is without power from Energy, including the airport. Critical facilities are running on emergency generator power, officials said. As of Monday afternoon, water pressure was low at the airport and it was affecting the air conditioning and bathrooms.

Where is Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport?

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is an international airport under Class B airspace in Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, United States. It is owned by the city of New Orleans and is 11 miles west of downtown New Orleans. A small portion of Runway 11/29 is in unincorporated St. Charles Parish.

Does Breeze Airways fly out of New Orleans?

As Breeze Airways resumes flight operations in New Orleans today, restoring nonstop flights connecting the city to nine destinations across the south and midwest, the airline announced it is donating ... I’ve been helping to coordinate supply distribution and my family will be returning Sunday on a Breeze Airways flight.

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