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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Orleans assessor's office property records?

Orleans Assessor's Office Property Records Report Link Search Orleans Assessor's Office property records by owner name, tax bull number, location address or map.

Does the assessor's office in New Orleans issue tax bills?

REMINDER: The Orleans Parish Assessor's Office does not issue tax bills, nor collect taxes. Any questions about taxes or tax payments should be directed to the New Orleans Bureau of Treasury, (504) 658-1712 or [email protected] .

Where can I find the New Orleans property viewer data?

The data displayed here are provided by the Orleans Parish Assessor's Office, and the City of New Orleans, and are updated weekly. The Old Version: The old version of the Property Viewer is temporarily available at

How do I appeal a property assessment in New Orleans?

If possible, please submit an appeal online or schedule a virtual or telephone appointment with staff through our website or by calling our office at (504) 754-8811. Be sure to bring documentation to support what you think the assessed value of the property should be.

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