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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chicks’ ‘Dixie’ songs?

Three tracks have been released from the album so far: the title track, “Julianna Calm Down,” and “March March,” a protest song that coincided with the Chicks dropping the “Dixie” from their name in response to an ongoing reckoning with the history of racial injustice in the U.S.

Who are the original chicks?

Steeped in country tradition -- in their earliest incarnation anchored by Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire, they were a western outfit, singing songs by Texan troubadours -- the Chicks were transformed when Natalie Maines joined the band in 1995.

How many albums have the Chicks sold?

Earning universal recognition as the biggest-selling U.S. female band of all time, The Chicks have sold more than 30.5 million albums and are among an elite group of acts to achieve multiple “diamond” selling (ten million copies) releases. After 14 years, The Chicks are set to release their fifth studio album, titled GASLIGHTER, in 2020.

When does the chicks new album ‘Gaslighter’ come out?

First album from the trio in 14 years arrives July 17th and includes songs like “Tights on My Boat” and latest release “March March” The Chicks have released the track list for their upcoming album 'Gaslighter.' The Chicks have revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming album Gaslighter, set for release later this month.

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