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Frequently Asked Questions

What's happened to Ruby Princess?

Ruby Princess crew member diagnosed with tuberculosis prompting authorities to notify all recent passengers; Greece to open up tourism to Australia; Victoria school outbreak worsens; US 'terminates' relationship with WHO;

Who is the Ruby Princess cruise ship's first international fatality?

An American man became the first international fatality linked to the Ruby Princess cruise ship as all crew members who are yet to show symptoms for COVID-19 will be tested by NSW officials before the weekend. The New South Wales Premier said she is "sorry for every person in Australia who has died" because of coronavirus.

Is Jodi McKay 'shocked' the Premier has not responded to Ruby Princess report?

The NSW opposition leader Jodi McKay said she is "shocked" the Premier has not responded to the Ruby Princess report released last night. The Special Commission of Inquiry into the Ruby Princess, which is more than 300 pages long, deemed and the decision to grade the Ruby as "low risk" as "inexplicable".

Is the Ruby Princess infected with covid-19?

A grieving American family are taking legal action against the operators of the Ruby Princess after contracting coronavirus on board the cruise. The Ruby Princess is scheduled to leave in three days, despite 171 crew infected with COVID-19.

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