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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different positions on the defensive line?

The 11 positions on defense are the following: Nose guard, defensive tackle, defensive end (2), inside linebacker (2), outside linebacker (2), cornerback (2), and safety. We will discuss the different positions on defense, in a pretty simplistic manner. Some positions have repeats, like linebacker and cornerback.

Who are the top defensive lines in the NFL?

Behind the defensive line are the linebackers. Depending upon how many players are lined up in the defensive line (usually 4) the linebackers take up three positions: The middle linebacker is generally the leader of the defense, due in part to the position they take providing an overview of the plays as they develop.

How important is the nose tackle position in the NFL?

The nose tackle is a lineman in the middle of the defensive line. They stand opposite the center in the offensive line. The nose tackle charges the center player after the snap. Nose tackles are most commonly featured in a 3-4 defensive scheme. The nose tackle must be careful not to enter the neutral zone before the snap.

How do defensive linemen work together?

Defensive linemen use stunts to create penetration and to cancel gaps in the run game. Each position on the front can move as one, work in a pair, or all work together. They will always start in a gap and move to another gap to exchange with someone else. Some popular stunts inside are a simple DL spike at a 45 degree angle.

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