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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nvcleanstall?

NVCleanstall Our free software lets you customize the NVIDIA GeForce Driver package by removing components that you don't need (or want). This not only keeps things tidy, but also lowers disk usage and memory footprint.

What drivers can I not install with nvcleanstall?

Unlike the NVIDIA custom installation, you can unselect packages like "Stereo 3D Glasses", "USB-C", Notebook Optimizations or Telemetry from the NVIDIA drivers. NVIDIA no longer releases non-DCH drivers. NVCleanstall will now recommend an upgrade from non-DCH to DCH when a driver older than 496.13 is installed

Which components can I skip when using nvcleanstall?

For example, you might want to skip support for Stereo 3D Glasses, USB-C, Telemetry, or Notebook Optimizations. NVCleanstall has two main modes of operation: either you let it fetch the driver files from the Internet, downloading only those components you want, or you feed it an existing driver package on disk, to customize the components inside.

Is it time to use nvcleanstall?

Then it's time to use NVCleanstall. NVIDIA fans boast that their GPUs were the first to bring features like raytracing and clever resolution scaling, apart from having the edge performance-wise in many popular games. Still, not everything is rosy in Camp Green since NVIDIA's drivers can also be CPU hogs.

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