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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is o5-4?

O5-4 played a large role in Foundation manipulation of world governments and economic systems. Additionally, he had extensive ties to organized crime and domestic terrorism, ties which existed before his elevation to the O5 Council.

What is the O5 Council?

As stated before, the O5 Council are the ruling body of the Foundation. They are the people who have ultimate control over the Foundation and all its operations. They are so secretive and unknown that many people, even ones with a high seat in society, dismiss them as a myth much like the Illuminati.

What exactly does an O5 member know?

Each O5 member knows almost everything there is to know about the Foundation and its activities. Between them all, they know every single secret that the Foundation holds. Most Foundation personnel spend their entire careers without seeing them. Members below Clearance Level 2 don't even know they exist.

What exactly do the O5s do?

The O5s rarely intervene in the day-to-day processes of the Foundation, or the containment of SCP objects. They tend to keep an eye on Keter-Class objects, and practically micromanage Thaumiels.

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