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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you continue to travel with oat?

I will continue to travel but will certainly not ever consider OAT. Our government helped businesses such as this through the pandemic but left the consumer out to dry. I had a lot of second thoughts about booking at trip with OAT after reading all the negative reviews and problems people had once they booked a trip.

Does oat cover travel to Jordan?

We have traveled with OAT four times (Spain/Portugal, Turkey, Morocco and "The Holy Land" and have been very pleased with the trips until our most recent trip to "The Holy Land". They arranged the air and said our VISA to Jordan and transfer to the hotel in Amman would be covered by OAT.

Why choose oat tours?

The tour guides have been excellent and the structure of the trips have been so well balanced with history, scenery, culture, hands on opportunities and free time. I’ve tried other companies and prefer OAT.

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