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Frequently Asked Questions

What is size swim jig should I use?

In my opinion, the best swim jig stick on the planet is the Denali Kovert LT 723WJ. The rod handles both 1/4- and 3/8-ounce jigs very well. People vary some on their rod choice here, but I strongly suggest using something at least 7' and something in the Medium Heavy range . Choose a swim jig rod you believe in and build your system around that.

What is the most common swim jig size?

Rattling Swim Jigs are available in three sizes - ¼-, 3/8- and ½-ounce - and 18 colors. The most popular size is ¼-ounce. The top colors are white shad, black/blue, Delta shad and watermelon/blue/orange.

What is a fishing hook?

A fish hook or fishhook is a device for catching fish either by impaling them in the mouth or, more rarely, by snagging the body of the fish. Fish hooks have been employed for centuries by anglers to catch fresh and saltwater fish.

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