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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PANSS a useful clinical screening tool for psychosis?

Despite complications with respect to length and ability to measure cognitive functioning, PANSS is considered a competent “stand-alone” clinical screening tool for psychosis due to its clinical predicting power and outcome.

What is the PANSS scale?

A repository of free psychological assessment tools. The Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) is a rating scale, designed on the premise that schizophrenia comprises of: positive syndrome, pertaining to productive symptoms; and negative syndrome, pertaining to deficit features (Depp et al, 2010).

How do you assess a patient using PANSS?

The interviewer must be trained to a standardized level of reliability. To assess a patient using PANSS, an approximately 45-minute clinical interview is conducted. The patient is rated from 1 to 7 on 30 different symptoms based on the interview as well as reports of family members or primary care hospital workers.

Can the PANSS be used for clinical trials?

For clinical trials using the PANSS, it is strongly advised that the training program incorporates the core principles described in this article and advocated by the author of the PANSS.

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