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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Paradox Mods be available on PS4?

Today, renowned strategy game publisher Paradox Interactive joined forces with Microsoft to launch "Paradox Mods," a new independent modding platform for Xbox One and PC. It doesn't appear to support PlayStation 4 at the moment.

What are Paradox Mods for Surviving Mars?

Launching with over thirty mods tested and ready for console players for Surviving Mars, Paradox Mods includes projects from recognized creators within the modding community such as Silva and ChoGGi. Modding is considered a staple in PC gaming so it's great to see that it's expanding to consoles.

Does the paradox/ck3 launcher work with Paradox Mods?

If I'm logged in with the Paradox/CK3 Launcher to the same Paradox account I use on the Paradox mods page to subscribe to the mods, everything works fine for me. Full Screen Barbershop for example works flawlessly. Click to expand...

Are there any mods for Xbox One?

Now, for the first time, PC mod creators have a direct line to showcase and publish their work for Xbox One gamers to enjoy — making this a momentous day for gamers and modders everywhere. Surviving Mars, our survival strategy simulator, is the first game to support Paradox Mods, offering new ways to experience life on the red planet.

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