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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paup*?

PAUP* (pronounced “pop star”) is a phylogenetic program first developed in 1993 by David L. Swofford, currently at Duke University. The name PAUP used to mean “Phylogenetic Analysis Using Parsimony” because parsimony was the only optimality criterion employed at the time.

What does papaup* do?

PAUP* will also display reconstructed character states for the internal nodes of a tree,according to the optimization criterion currently in effect.

What's new in PAUP* for Windows?

Improve font appearance in Windows version. Improve installer and auto-update interface in Windows version. "Restore Open Documents" events are now ignored in the Mac version. Previously, documents that were open the last time PAUP* was quit were triggered to re-opened by the operating system.

How do I fix the Paup* application not launching?

This probably indicates corruption in the system font tables rather than a problem with the PAUP* application bundle. A fix that has consistently worked is to kill the "fontd" process using the Activity Monitor program. This process will be automatically restarted and will rebuild the font tables, and PAUP* will now launch successfully.

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