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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PCCM stand for?

In recent reports, pseudo-continuous conduction mode ( PCCM) is proposed which is the third operation mode.

Does the managed care file contain information about the PCCM program?

Limited information regarding the PCCM program will be reported on the managed care file. Only the main managed care segment (MCR00002) of the managed care file will have information for the agency’s PCCM program reported.

What is an enhanced PCCM entity?

[1] Section 1905 (t) of the Social Security Act and 42 CFR §438.2. [2] In the final managed care rule, "enhanced PCCM" is renamed "PCCM entity" and defined in 42 CFR §438.2. [3] Reporting blank record segments for MCR00003 through MCR00009 in the Managed Care file for traditional PCCM programs may result in data quality warnings.

Why choose the PCCM plus?

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