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Frequently Asked Questions

How much rubber mulch do I Need?

The amount of rubber mulch you will need depends greatly on the depth of its intended use. There are standards you can refer to so you can have a rough estimation of how much to get. One to two inches of rubber mulch is enough for landscaping and gardening needs.

Is rubber mulch safe for plants?

Like cocoa mulch, though, rubber mulch isn't safe for your pooch to snack on in large amounts because of the chemicals it contains. Rubber mulch does leach zinc and iron into the soil, so keep that in mind if your soil is already acidic as this can potentially harm any plants in the area.

What are the benefits of rubber mulch?

Rubber mulch has all the same benefits of organic mulches, including moisture retention, some weed control, soil-temperature retention and aesthetic appeal. Further, rubber mulch is longer-lasting than wood mulch and won’t blow away. Rubber mulch comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, including many varieties that look just like wood mulch.

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