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Frequently Asked Questions

What to include in a personnel file?

What to Include in a Personnel File. The documents within an employee’s personnel file should cover the entire life cycle of their employment, from offer letters and W-4 forms to performance reviews and termination paperwork (including an employee’s exit interview).

What should be kept in personnel files?

Certain records of disciplinary action, such as warnings given to employees, should be included in personnel files. However, related or supporting documentation may be stored separately. As a general rule, if the document was shared with the employee, it should be in the personnel file. If not, it should be stored separately.

Who can obtain copies of personnel files?

Conditions for viewing records: Employer must make personnel file available at its place of business at a time convenient to employee and employer. Employer may have a designated representative present at the time of inspection. Copying records: Employee or former employee may request a copy of the personnel file.

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