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Frequently Asked Questions

What represents phase change?

Phase Changes. As it is changing from one state to another, the change in energy is reflected in the bonds between the particles, and therefore the temperature of the object doesn’t change. Once the state change is complete, however, changes in energy are again observed in the form of changes in temperature.

What is the formula for phase change?

The equation used is. #q = m* DeltaH#, where. #DeltaH# - the heat required for one gram of the substance to undergo the phase change. If you're going from solid to liquid, you use #DeltaH_(fusion)# (called the heat of fusion), which represents the heat required for 1 gram of substance to change from solid to liquid at melting point.

What does always accompany a phase change?

Phase changes are always accompanied by a change in the energy of a system.

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