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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a phase diagram look like?

A phase diagram is a graph of the physical state of a substance (solid, liquid or gas) and the temperature and pressure of the substance. Phase diagrams are unique to every different substance. Let's start by looking at a phase diagram and exploring everything that's on it. The x-axis of the graph shows temperature.

What information does a phase diagram give?

A phase diagram is a chart that is commonly used in the sciences, especially chemistry, to visualize the conditions under which a substances exists in a given phase and changes to another phase. The phases addressed by a phase diagram are typically the solid, liquid, and gaseous phases.

What exactly are phase diagrams?

A phase diagram is a graph which shows under what conditions of temperature and pressure distinct phases of matter occur . The simplest phase diagrams are of pure substances. These diagrams plot pressure on the y-axis and temperature on the x-axis. Although phases are conceptually simple, they are difficult to define precisely.

How to read a phase diagram?

You read along to the x-axis and read off the composition. You read along the y-axis to read off the temperature. Therefore any single point on the phase diagram represents a specific alloy composition at a specific temperature. So I like to think of the phase diagram as depicting a composition-temperature space.

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