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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term 'phase noise' means?

Basic phase noise definitions Phase noise: Phase noise is defined as the noise arising from the short term phase fluctuations that occur in a signal. ... Phase jitter: Phase jitter is the term used for looking at the phase fluctuations themselves, i.e. ... Spectrum: The spectrum of the phase noise refers to the plot that would be obtained from a spectrum analyser. ... More items...

How do you measure phase noise?

One of the easiest methods to measure phase noise is to use a spectrum analyser using what is termed a direct measurement technique. Using a spectrum analyser to measure phase noise can provide excellent results provided that the measurement technique is understood and precautions are adopted to ensure the most accurate results.

What is normalized phase noise?

Normalized Phase Noise in UltraCMOS Devices Phase Noise is a measure of the spectral purity of a signal in an oscillator system. It quantifies the short-term random variation of the frequency of the signal, and is a product of thermal noise and low frequency flicker noise within the system.

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