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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rugosum Philodendron?

Rugosum Philodendron has huge heart shaped leaves The Naugahyde type of Philodendron is also called the pigskin plant due to its thick leathery leaves. Looking closely at pictures of this Philodendron, you’ll notice intricate patterns on the dark green heart-shaped leaves.

What does a philodendron plant look like?

Also called the velvet-leaf Philodendron, the ‘Micans’ plant is a trailing vine with heart-shaped leaves. As its name suggests, the leaves have a velvety texture with stunning iridescent foliage. Depending on how the light shines on the leaves, the Philodendron plant can look dark green, light green, or bronze.

What are the best philodendrons?

Native from Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay to the tropical rainforests of South Brazil, it brings the tropical feel indoors. The long leaves can grow up to 15-18 inches in length and are fiddle or horse-shaped. To prevent it from flopping, tie it with a stake! It is one of the best types of philodendron! 10. White Knight Philodendron

How do you hang a philodendron?

Most climbing or hanging Philodendrons have heart-shaped leaves and long trailing vines. You can hang the vining plants in a basket from the ceiling or place on a high shelf for the beautiful long stems to create an attractive vertical accent.

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