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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an array passed by reference?

With regards to your first question, the array is passed by reference UNLESS it is modified within the method / function you're calling. If you attempt to modify the array within the method / function, a copy of it is made first, and then only the copy is modified. This makes it seem as if the array is passed by value when in actual fact it isn't.

How does $array1 work?

However, inside the function is the line $array = &$array1 which takes that new identifier ( $array) and points it at the same value as $array1. The old value, which $array2 still points at, hasn't changed. There are other situations that act like this as well.

What are the parameters of the array function?

The first parameter is the working Array. The second is the position of the element to move and the third is the position where to move the element. The function returns the modified Array.

Can a function pass a variable by reference?

Passing by Reference You can pass a variable by reference to a function so the function can modify the variable. The following things can be passed by reference: No other expressions should be passed by reference, as the result is undefined.

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