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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pioneer village in Massachusetts?

Built in 1930 to mark the tercentennial of Massachusetts, Pioneer Village is America's first living history museum. The village sits on three acres of land and contains various examples of colonial architecture: dugouts, wigwams, thatched roof cottages, and the Governor's Faire House.

What is the Salem Pioneer Village?

I have been visiting Salem for years and recently visited the Salem Pioneer Village for the first time. It is located close to Salem State and is a living history museum where volunteers are walking around as residents. It was the Spice Festival and there...

Where is perfectpioneer village located?

Pioneer Village is nestled between the woods and the ocean, a ten minute drive from downtown, in Salem's Forest River Park.

What village is pioneer village in Hocus Pocus?

In 1993, Pioneer Village was used to represent 1693 Salem in the opening scene of fantasy comedy film Hocus Pocus, released by Walt Disney Pictures. ^ Neil H. Dempsey.

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