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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC playoffs?

Since the Pittsburgh Steelers lost by 26 points when they played the Kansas City Chiefs on Dec. 26, they won back-to-back games to scratch out the last spot in the AFC playoffs. Apparently those victories against Cleveland and Baltimore put them in the upper echelon of the conference.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers popular in Mexico?

The Pittsburgh Steelers long have been one of the most popular teams in Mexico. Now, the NFL has made it official that the Steelers’ turf, in part, extends south of the border. Mexico was designated as an “International Home Marketing Area” of the Steelers for a five-year term beginning in...

How does Trai Turner’s playoff experience stack up among Steelers offensive linemen?

Right guard Trai Turner has more playoff experience than the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers starting offensive linemen combined. Only backup guard/tackle Joe Haeg can match Turner’s six games of playoff experience. Haeg earned a Super Bowl ring with Tampa Bay last year while Turner lost his Super Bowl appearance...

How good were the Steelers in training camp?

For the most part, the Pittsburgh Steelers appeared to have a very positive training camp and a solid preseason. Friday night’s 34-9 dud of a loss to the Carolina Panthers in the preseason finale aside. It appears as if a lot of questions surrounding the team’s depth — and even...

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