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Frequently Asked Questions

Is planet Fitness a good gym?

It depends on what you qualify as a good gym. It's pretty easy to see that Planet Fitness caters to beginners through their marketing techniques. They offer a low monthly payment and try to have the environment as non-intimidating as possible.

When is Planet Fitness opening?

It depends on the location of Planet Fitness, but mostly open 24 Hours Monday through Friday, & Saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

Does planet Fitness have yoga?

While many other gyms offer yoga, cycling, Zumba, barre, and many other classes, Planet Fitness generally provides classes that focus on specific muscle workouts. The main purpose of the classes is to help new members learn how to use the equipment or design their own individual workout plan.

Where is Planet Fitness locations?

Planet Fitness is an American franchise of fitness centers based in Dover, New Hampshire. Planet Fitness offers a clean and comfortable place to exercise with its cardio and strength equipment.

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