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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the themes in the poem?

The theme of a poem refers to the underlying subject the poem discusses. Though there are hundreds of different popular poetry themes, several concepts have proved enduring across ages, forms, and cultural divisions. Love, nature, history, religion, and death are some of the most common poetry themes in nearly every type of poetry.

What does the context of the poem mean?

The context of a poem can help you to understand it better. Context can include: the time and place the poem was written. how the poem has been read at different times and in different situations. biographical details about a writer’s life. how the poem relates to literary traditions.

Is the poet always the speaker in a poem?

The speaker of a poem is always going to be the "person" who is "speaking" the words of the poem. While the poet is the one who actually wrote the poem, the speaker is the character whom the poet intends to invoke—sometimes, however, the poet means to write as her/himself.

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