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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a PowerMate tiller work?

The Powermate tiller uses a gear-drive system that provides maximum fuel and engine efficiency, allowing the unit to run on less power input than when operated manually and the gasoline-powered engine allows the user to till larger areas in less time.

Who makes PowerMate rear tine Tiller 196cc 4 cycle gas engine?

The Powermate Rear Tine Tiller 196cc 4-cycle gas engine manufacturer is a company called Loncin Industries. How will this handle the hard Rocky soil in Montana?

How big is the Tilling width of a PowerMate mower?

With a 18" tilling width, self-sharpening steel tines plow dirt while maintaining the blade edge. 13" heavy duty agricultural tires with a 90 degree steel valve stem easily maneuver through tough landscapes. 2 year limited warranty To purchase these Powermate Outdoor models visit our retail partner:

What is a PowerMate replacement wheel?

This is a genuine OEM supplied replacement wheel that is specially manufactured for use on Powermate and Southland rear tine tillers. It is the right wheel that keeps the unit mobile for easy transportation.

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