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Frequently Asked Questions

Do prairie dogs make good pets?

Prairie dogs that are bred in captivity make excellent pets provided you are able to keep them warm, get them plenty of exercise, and keep them safe from other pets. They are gentle, sociable, clean, and easier to take care of than most other small mammals.

Should you have a prairie dog as a pet?

By Rick Axelson, DVM General Information. Prairie dogs (most often black-tailed prairie dogs) are becoming popular as pets. ... Interesting information about Prairie dogs. Prairie dogs do not hibernate but may have dormant or less active periods during cooler weather. ... Selecting your pet prairie dog. Ideally, you should adopt a young pet. ... The First Veterinary Visit. ... Vaccinations. ...

What do prairie dogs do for a living?

Active and extremely social, black-tailed prairie dogs live in complex communities. They are an important part of the prairie ecosystem. They help keep the soil healthy by loosening it with their digging. They provide a source of food for other animals, including eagles, ferrets, and coyotes.

What do prairie dogs need to survive?

Prairie dogs are adapted to live in dry, resource-scarce conditions. Their tunnels help protect them from predators and from the hot sun. Their sandy color camouflages them against the light-colored ground. They are able to survive for long periods on water they obtain from the food they eat.

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