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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between predicate nominative and predicate adjective?

Subject Complement Meaning With ExamplesThe subject complement either renames the subject or describes the subject.The predicate nominative renames the subject. The predicate nomination is either a noun or pronoun.The predicate adjective describes the subject. The predicate adjective is an adjective.

How to find the predicate nominative in a sentence?

The predicat nominative is the noun or pronoun following a linking verb.It renames the subject.EXAMPLE: John Smith was the second child in that family. OR He was the second child in that family.

Does "predicate" include object, complement and modifiers?

2A predicate is a verb phrase and all its modifiers, complements and objects. Typically a predicate is everything in the clause except the subject. noun and after the predeterminer and determiner (if they appear in the NP).

How do you identify subject and predicate?

Understanding Subjects, Predicates, and ObjectsSubjects. The subject of a sentence is a person, place, thing, or idea. ...Predicates. Now that we’ve touched upon the basic elements of subjects and verbs, let’s discuss predicates. ...Objects. We’ve mentioned objects a couple times now. ...Tell a Better Story. ...

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