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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use present perfect in Spanish?

You use the present perfect verb tense in Spanish to express or describe actions that have happened recently and/or actions that still hold true in the present. The present perfect tense is one of seven compound tenses, which means you use the helping verb haber (to have) in the present tense with a past participle.

How do you use present perfect in Spanish?

In Spanish, the present perfect tense is formed by using the present tense of the auxiliary verb “haber” with the past participle.

What is the imperfect past tense in Spanish?

The imperfect is a tense in Spanish that describes past actions that are habitual, or to "set a scene.". The imperfect tense is one of several past tenses in Spanish and it describes what a person used to do or was doing.

What does past imperfect tense mean?

past imperfect tense(Noun) A grammatical tense which expresses the past as an action which was still going on at the point in time described, say someone "was" something, as opposed to the already accomplished counterpart past perfect tense (where the action took place even further in the past)

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