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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check your Bing history?

I cleared the history on my Bing page by going to and looking up at the search page's menu bar at the top, from the left side, you will see SEARCH HISTORY. Click that an on the resulting page to the right, you will see a CLEAR ALL selection. Click that. It will ask to verify your selection.

How do I view my recent search history on Bing?

Go to and click on the menu icon with three vertical bars (see image). Select Search history to view you history page with different control options. It can be displayed using type and date filters. You can turn off the history for private searches and later you can turn it on.

How do you stop Bing search history?

Now head into the Search History settings. Here you will see a clear all button, click on it to clear your search history. Then go ahead and move the keep search history toggle to the off position to disable the app from keeping your search history in the future. That’s all there is too it.

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