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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name prosecution mean?

the act or process of prosecuting, or of endeavoring to gain or accomplish something; pursuit by efforts of body or mind; as, the prosecution of a scheme, plan, design, or undertaking; the prosecution of war Etymology: [L. prosecutio a following.]

What is a sentence using the word prosecution?

The decision to prosecute officials is nothing short of medieval, hearkening back to the dark days of witchcraft prosecutions. Dutch Developer Chipshol demands the Public Prosecutor will prosecute four judges of the Haarlem court for perjury. A WILDLIFE campaigner has drowned a grey squirrel to challenge the RSPCA to prosecute him.

Is the word prosecution capitalized?

‘Prosecutor’ should be capitalized, but it should not be when the term is used generically. Similarly, ‘defence’, ‘defendant’, ‘accused’, ‘applicant’, ‘respondent’, ‘judge’, and so on should

What is the job of the prosecution?

The duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict. Therefore if at any time the prosecution believes the defendant is not guilty of the crime, he or she should not proceed with prosecution in the case. It is an important function of the prosecutor to seek to reform and improve the administration of the criminal justice system.

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