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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Associates in psychology?

Psychology Associate of Arts Degree. The Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Psychology is a two-year degree that prepares you to go on for a Bachelor’s degree psychology or transfer to another program or college. It provides courses in human behavior, communication skills, and general education subject areas.

What jobs can a psychologist do?

Psychologists have many skills and provide many different types of services. Clinical Psychologists provide counseling and psychotherapy. They work with people who have life adjustment problems, and also with those who have emotional disorders or mental illness. They provide treatment for people of all ages and to families and to groups.

Is a clinical psychologist a doctor?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor. A psychologist may hold a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) and be called "doctor"; but, is not a medical doctor (M.D.). Many psychologists are trained in clinical psychology. This field of psychology involves specialised training in mental health problems and psychological problems.

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