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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the psychology safety workshop work?

Prior to the workshop, each participant completes their own psychology SAFETY assessment. In just 20 minutes through an online questionnaire, you’ll discover how you’re likely to react to specific individuals and situations.

How can I build psychological safety and cohesion?

See below for four effective exercises and practices to build psychological safety, cohesion and performance. Other exercises, such as the psychological safety IN/OUT exercis e or Team Performance workshop exercise are also really powerful and worth checking out.

What is psychological safety in the workplace?

The degree of psychological safety of team members increases. Whilst psychological safety is not about existential or external threats, it is very much about being able to show vulnerability and emotion.

Can anxiety parties promote psychological safety?

Host an Anxiety Party (An Effective Exercise to Promote Psychological Safety) Don’t get caught up with the name; anxiety parties are an excellent way to promote psychological safety –– they make teams more vulnerable and effective. A design team at Google Ventures first came up with this idea.

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