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Frequently Asked Questions

Why psychology at UA?

Why Psychology? Psychology is one of the most popular majors at UA. Our students explore the complex world of the mind and brain – how the mind and brain evolve from infancy to old age, the environmental influences that shape our behavior, and the impact of brain disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

What is Psych-UA 29 prerequisite?

PSYCH-UA 29 Prerequisite: Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH-UA 1). Offered every semester. Hilford, Rehder. 4 points. Introduction to theories and research in some major areas of cognitive psychology, including human memory, attention, language production and comprehension, thinking, and reasoning.

What is Psych-UA 1 all about?

PSYCH-UA 1 Offered every semester. Coons, Rhodes, Van Bavel. 4 points. Fundamental principles, with emphasis on basic research and applications in psychology’s major theoretical areas of study: thought, memory, learning, perception, personality, social processes, development, and physiological bases of psychology.

Is a BS in Psychological Science right for me?

If you plan to attend a graduate program in psychological research or clinical psychology, or pursue a career in medicine or other scientific fields, then the BS in Psychological Science is the best choice for you. BS Psychological Science Curriculum Guide

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