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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a publishing company in Nova Scotia?

When searching for publishing companies in Nova Scotia, do your research. Look for information on the Internet, ask fellow writers or contact your local writing organisations or writing groups.

What is the history of Fernwood Publishing Company?

Fernwood Publishing, a book publishing company based in Black Point, Nova Scotia with a second office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was founded by Errol Sharpe in August 1991 although they did not release any book officially till the spring of 1992.

What is McAlpine's Nova Scotia directory?

McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory 1907-08 was published in Halifax by the McAlpine Publishing Company during 1908. It was part of an ongoing, intermittent series of provincial directories, gazetteers and business compendiums produced by the McAlpine firm and others like it, beginning in the 1860s and continuing right up to the First World War.

Where can I find Formac Publishing Company Limited?

Formac Publishing Company Limited: Imprints (Related Registrations): Editions Carre St. Louis, Halifax, NS Northwest Arm Press Inc.: (No website found): Address: 540 Southgate Drive Suite 204 Bedford, NS B4A 0C9; Phone: 902-405-0765; Email: [email protected]

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