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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlantic Publishing?

For over 25 years Atlantic Publishing has been providing millions of readers information to jumpstart their careers, start businesses, manage employees, invest, plan for retirement, learn technologies, build relationships, and live rewarding, fulfilling lives.

What kind of books do we publish at Florida Historical Society?

We also publish books focusing on creative expressions of Florida history and culture such as painting, cooking, and photography. We are the source for over 100 non-American English Language legal periodicals for which we have the exclusive distribution rights in North America.

Who is greatgreat outdoors publishing company?

Great Outdoors Publishing Company is an independent book publisher & wholesaler specializing in regional books about Florida wildlife, nature & history. Established 1913, it became in imprint of Finney Company in 2009.

Is Dreamspinner Press a full service publisher?

Dreamspinner Press is an international full-service publisher of gay romance based in the United States of America. The press now operates three imprints: Dreamspinner Press, specializing in gay romance; Harmony Ink Press, devoted to LGBTQ+ Teen and New Adult fiction; and DSP Publications, a boutique publisher of specialty genre fiction.

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