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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Puppy Bowl start?

If that isn't enough, the Puppy Bowl usually begins with a "tail" gate pregame show at 2PM ET before the main event kicks off at 3 PM ET / 12PM PT . And, of course, you'll definitely want to stick around for the Kitty Half-Time Show (it's the cat's meow!).

Are the Puppy Bowl dogs up for adoption?

Each and every one of these dogs are up for adoption - or rather, they were. The actual Puppy Bowl was filmed in October 2019 in New York City, which means many of the dogs - including Spritz, Kenny, and Linus - were adopted before the game even aired.

Can you adopt the dogs from the Puppy Bowl?

Just as in past years, you can adopt the puppies in the 2019 Puppy Bowl, though according to USA Today, most of the furry friends you'll see on-screen found homes last fall, when the Puppy Bowl XV was filmed. Still, there are many more puppies available for adoption from the featured shelters.

What is a dog bowl?

Dog Bowl is an outdoor 2002 sculpture by dog photographer William Wegman, located in the North Park Blocks in Portland, Oregon, United States.

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