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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cutest puppy ever?

Pug. It's hard to top the pug for sheer cuteness. Its huge eyes, wrinkly face, and diminutive size make it a favorite around the world.

What is the funniest dog in the world?

The Puli may well be the funniest-looking dog breed in the world. Look at those dreadlocks. The Puli looks like some sort of twisted, animatronic dirty mop. The Puli is a Hungarian herder whose tight curls make it virtually waterproof.

What are some funny puppy names?

Top 10 Funny Dog Names Potato - this name is perfect for a really lazy dog that just loves to sleep all day - their full name can be Couch Potato. Dumbo - a great name for a Beagle or Bassett Hound, because they're all known for their big ears. ... Elvis - because your puppy ain't nothin' but a hound dog, just hopefully they aren't crying all the time. More items...

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