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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Quiznos spongmonkey the worst mascot ever?

The Quiznos Spongmonkey frequently makes the cut on “all-time worst mascots” lists and advertising experts consider it a love-or-hate property (at best). The only thing everyone seems to agree on: How the fuck did these commercials come to be in the first place?

What are the animals in the Quiznos commercial?

On his site, you can see these creatures in a January 2003 video clip, in which they sing about loving the moon, marmots, cheese, dirigibles, and several other nouns. The clip, which calls the characters “spongmonkeys,” seems pretty clearly the basis for the Quiznos ad.

Did Quiznos' Weirdo ads creep people out?

In the ads, their eyes bulge and shrink as they screech about the subs being toasty. The weirdo ads did a fine job of creeping everyone out and, at the least, got people talking about Quiznos. Check out TIME's top 10 embarrassing celebrity commercials.

Does Quiznos need to be more dramatic with its advertising?

Hall says that Quiznos needs to be “dramatic” with the airtime it buys, because it’s got a smaller ad budget than its competitors. It’s a brand that’s still in a growth stage, and its main goal right now is awareness—i.e., water-cooler talk.

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