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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use read-through/write-through caching with a local cache?

For use with Partitioned (Distributed) and Near cache topologies: Read-through/write-through caching (and variants) are intended for use only with the Partitioned (Distributed) cache topology (and by extension, Near cache). Local caches support a subset of this functionality. Replicated and Optimistic caches should not be used.

What is read-through cache in a database?

Read-through cache sits in-line with the database. When there is a cache miss, it loads missing data from database, populates the cache and returns it to the application. Both cache-aside and read-through strategies load data lazily, that is, only when it is first read. Use Cases, Pros and Cons

How does caching work in a database?

Many commercial caching systems provide read-through and write-through/write-behind operations. In these systems, an application retrieves data by referencing the cache. If the data isn't in the cache, it's retrieved from the data store and added to the cache.

What are the different types of read and write caching?

There are two types of read caching - "demand caching" and "look-ahead caching" - and there are two types of write caching - "write-back caching" and "write-through caching." Demand caching defines the maximum Read command size (stated as a number of data blocks) that will be cached.

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