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Frequently Asked Questions

What is writerwriterduet?

WriterDuet integrates and organizes your beat sheets, treatments and outlines so that you can focus on the rewriting that your story actually needs. Ready to get started? Your first three scripts are on us.

Which plan should I choose for WriterDuet?

Our most popular plan is the free plan! When you're ready to collaborate or work on a fourth project, WriterDuet Pro is the plan that is chosen most often. Learn more about choosing a plan. What browser do you recommend? Many browsers are supported by WriterDuet, but Chrome is by far the best in terms of speed and features it supports.

How can I control who sees my scripts in writerwriterduet?

WriterDuet uses SSL security and generates random access codes to each of your collaborators. You control who sees your scripts through requests and guest codes. How can I import/export my script? From the hamburger menu (just above your Portfolio), select File > Import or File > Export Document.

How do I contact the WriterDuet team?

By email: [email protected] By regular mail: 1224 E. 12th St. #323, Austin, TX 78702

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