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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the property tax rate in Washington DC?

Washington, DC recently lowered the district sales tax by a quarter of a percent from 6% to 5.75%. The District of Columbia's sales tax is imposed on all sales of tangible property as well as on certain services.

What is the real estate transfer tax in Washington?

The State of Washington imposes a 1.28 percent tax on the sale value of real estate, and nearly all counties and municipalities levy an additional tax on real estate sales. Local real estate transfer taxes usually range between 0.25 and 0.5 percent in most areas, although in San Juan County, it reaches 1.5 percent.

What is considered your real estate tax?

Real property taxes paid means all real property taxes you (or your spouse, if they occupied the residence for at least six months) paid on the residence during the tax year, including: current, prior and prepaid real property taxes special ad valorem levies, and assessments levied

How much are real estate taxes in Washington State?

The Washington State Constitution limits the total of all non-voter approved property tax rates to 1% on a given property. Even if your county rate is 1% and your city rate is 0.75%, your total general rate will still be 1%.

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