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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 123Movies still work?

Though the 123Movies old site may not work, you can still watch movies and TV shows for free from 123Movie via these proxy sites. The 123Movies official team manages these, and almost all content from 123Movies is found on these proxy sites. Below are some of the most popular working 123Movies proxy sites you can visit. 1. Movies Found Online

Do you need to register to watch 123Movies?

Like most other sites like 123Movies, you don't need to sign up or register: visit the site and directly watch whatever you like. Though there is a great variety of films and TV series in WatchFree, the site itself doesn't own a database. Instead, it provides links from the Internet.

What is 123movieshub?

Read the complete article below. 123Movies used to be one of the most popular websites to stream movies online and watch complete tv-shows. It has known many names, including “GoMovies,” “GoStream,” “MeMovies,” and “123movieshub.”

How do I access the content on 123Movies?

The only way to access the content on 123movies is through copies of the website, also known as mirrors or copycat sites. These are hosted and controlled by a third party that might or might not have been involved with the original 123Movies website.

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